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Common Courtesy of Dating

I never found much humor in people actually using lines and trying to be smooth. I find it much funnier when they simply abandon all hope of trying and try some sort of desperate hail Mary pass. You have to admire that. ↓ TranscriptBILLY: Hey Victoria! Want to have sex, please? VICTORIA: You really think a please will get me ... Read More »

Power of Persuasion

I really hope this strip spurs a flurry of gun control related posts on Facebook. That way everyone can finally be reminded of just how wrong they are, no matter which side they’re on. ↓ TranscriptMEGAN: Whew, thank God! VICTORIA: What? MEGAN: Someone finally posted enough times on Facebook to change my view on gun control! MEGAN: One fewer and ... Read More »

Teddy Bear Love

I have rarely known someone to actually act this way, but my wife does complain that my video background makes me unable to enjoy anything video related in a film (zoom and enhance). So when I say rarely, I mean myself. Don’t buy me episodes of CSI as gifts. ↓ TranscriptTREY: Merry Christmas! VICTORIA: Aww, a sweet teddy bear! TEDDY: ... Read More »

Slow Drivers Kill

I know people who actually think this way. Of course, this usually causes them to drive recklessly which probably drains more of their life, eventually. In other words–you’re going to die regardless how others drive. ↓ TranscriptBILLY: Hurry up you slowpokes! VICTORIA: Billy, calm down. We're in no rush. BILLY: You don't understand! Every minute they slow me down with ... Read More »

Rage Quit

I always suspect that most online gamers are miserable, but they’re too proud to quit because that might bring some happiness to the lives of the other miserable online players. At least, that seems to explain most of my time playing Halo. ↓ TranscriptAMANDA: Why do you quit as soon as someone starts beating you online? JIMMY: Because it infuriates ... Read More »

Sexy Costumes

I don’t mind the sexy Halloween costumes. But I do wonder why there are only sexy Halloween costumes for women. There are just plain goofy costumes for men, but even the funny costumes for women have to show off some cleavage bizarrely. ↓ TranscriptMEGAN: Come on, we've got to find great Halloween costumes this year. AMANDA: What about sexy nurses? ... Read More »

Domino Theory of Valentine’s Day

Of course, there’s nothing really funny about someone’s life spiraling out of control simply because of one day, but it is funny how much pressure we put on a single day. I’ve known people who would be depressed for a week about Valentine’s Day seeing it as some huge symbol of their failure in life up until that point, and ... Read More »

The Importance of Being Batman

I always feel this way when someone starts telling me the importance of some video game or movie. Sure, many are culturally significant, but rarely are they as important to the world as they are to the individual. And usually even then they’re not nearly as important to that person as they at first believe. In other news, that guy ... Read More »

Occupy Wall Street

This is how I often feel with students. I know they’re not entirely listening at any given moment, but what surprises me is that they’re not listening to people other than me. So something like Occupy Wall Street doesn’t even register when I say it because they’ve heard it somewhere else before. At least I don’t personally feel as bad. ... Read More »

Define Symbolism

Defining literary terms is always easier using pop culture examples. THe problem is that sometimes students have trouble focussing on the actual example, and get caught up in the fact that it’s a reference to Harry Potter. On second thought, perhaps it isn’t easier, but I perceive it as so because I’d love any shortcut. ↓ TranscriptMEGAN: Professor, why does ... Read More »