Campus Canuck Curling Club


After years of holding back, we can no longer resist the bubbling urge to stick it to Canada.  I know what you’re thinking, “Hasn’t Canada suffered enough?  What with their beautiful landscapes and sparkling clear water?  Isn’t this just kicking a moose when it’s down?”  Probably.

Why is there a curling club on campus?  Why not?  Everybody loves a good curl, and students are prone to start all manner of unusual club.

↓ Transcript
HOCKEY GUY: You hosers got what it takes to join the Campus Canuck Curling Club?
JIMMY: Sure, I can curl.

TREY: Can you?
JIMMY: I can.
BILLY: I concur, he can.

HOCKEY GUY: But can he cancan?
RICK: I can cancan!
TREY: Hell, we all can cancan.


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